15 Jun

Religion is essential in any society. Religion is associated with supreme being who exists and he is responsible for the general wellbeing of humans. It is this sole belief in God that form the basis for many Christians to come up with various denominations that guide them in their conduct to God. Christians are able to attend various churches with the sole purpose to seeking guidance and protection from the supreme for all their endeavors. This implies that Christians esteem religion in renewing of their mind and transformation.

 Some of the reasons for having religious institutions in the society are as discussed below. Religious institutions bring people together an strengthen community bonds. It is the norm for people usually to gather in particular places. These in gatherings are necessary where they are guided by one person in sharing the God of word and bringing encouragement to all. 

These forms of gatherings bring people of all cadre, background an races together for the common purpose of adoring and worshipping God. Through this coming together people are able to able to share their burdens with one another and hence pray for one another in truth and in spirit. This serves as a greatest force that unites people and work for the common good of each. 

Through gatherings people are able to be connected well and sometimes through rotational worship that is worshipping in different places, people are able to create and strengthen bonds aimed for sharing the good news of God.Religious institutions play an important role in helping the poor and the need. As the bible is the sole guider of such religious institutions, it advocates for the helping of those people who are not able to cater for their needs. Some of the government organizations may not be able to cater for the needs of all people. This means that some families may be disadvantaged in terms of getting resources. 

Sometimes, the limitation could be existing gaps in between assessing the people who are in dire need over the same. Through religious institutions which are able to interact with the commonest people in the ground they may come up with plans to assist people who are in need. This is through visitations to their homes and provision of food to assist them. This is because the drive of many religious institutions is spreading the love of God and hence people are able to extend and show love for those people who are lowly in the society. Visit the wesleyan covenant association now to get more info on this topic.

Religious institutions protect and strengthen morality in the society. Moral values ae those things that one is expected to do while in the society. These morals are essentially the guiding fabric that holds the society together. Through religion the good morals are encouraged and reinforced so that people are able to live according to what God requires. The bible is the greatest book that outlines how one is supposed to live well with the society. Through religious institution such knowledge is reinforce unto them for betterment of relationships with God and other people.

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